Tips for Having Incredible Sex With Someone You Just Met

March 19, 2017

Let’s assume three scenarios for incredible sex with someone you just met. These different situations all call for different sexual approaches. Whether you are the guy or the girl in this scenario will also have a bearing on what you need to do to make the sex intense and mind blowing.

1. Meeting for Sex For the First Time via Online Dating

You have probably already found out something about your new sex partner after communicating for sometime on the Internet. You will already be aware – if you met the woman or man on an adult-style dating website – of the sexual preferences and habits of your new partner.

Let the wave of anticipation build up the desire in your mind. You already know that this girl or guy loves oral, anal and/or a whole bunch of other stuff that you also are into in a big way. As the time gets closer before you meet for sex, think of all the things you fantasized about while chatting online, or sending sexy stories to each other via email.

A special tip for the girls: if you have met your man (or, indeed, woman!) via online dating and have promised him some mind blowing moves and positions, throw a few special sexy treats into the mix that you have kept up your sleeve to surprise him. It will make his experience more intense, with a harder erection and toe-curling orgasm. Naturally, your experience will be equally special if the guy is turned on to the max. If it’s a girl you are meeting instead of a guy, then all your naughty lesbian sex fantasies will come to the fore, making this an evening you will never forget.

2. One Night Stand After Meeting in a Bar or Club

If you have met a girl or guy in a nightclub or elsewhere out on the town, try and keep as sober as you can. If things heat up and you eventually can’t keep your hands off each other and the night evolves into a full-on love making party, being drunk is a bad idea. If you want an incredible sex experience with someone you just met that night, you are going to want all of your senses on alert. You’ll also be able to remember the love making session better in the morning.

A special tip for the guys: always keep a condom in your wallet. You would hate for a hot girl to agree to have sex with you after just meeting, only for her to change her mind because you don’t have a rubber. To jazz it up and make the sex even hotter, keep a small penis ring (made of metal or rubber) handy to give her a nice little stimulating surprise.

3. A Random Meeting in a Park or Open-Air Venue

If you happen to be a dogging fan, then the chances are you will have plenty of opportunities for having sex after just meeting people. If you are looking to meet women and men for sexual encounters in the great outdoors (or even in the back of your car), be aware that you must make sure nobody can see you. The thrill of such experiences drives many ladies and guys wild.

SPECIAL TIP FOR ALL: Whatever your situation, if you get the chance to have sex with a stranger (the idea alone is enough to work some women and guys into a frenzy), remember to practice safe sex at all times.

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